My name is Madeleine (Madi) Elizabeth Davis and I am a Social Media Executive living in London. Since completing my MA in Multimedia Journalism, I have taken employment within the film industry and started my new blog

My Story

From a young age journalism has been at the forefront of my passions. At seven years old I was granted a Triangle Award for services to the community for my part in creating a local newspaper which ran for a number of years. From there forward, I have always strived to keep journalism a part of my life whether it be through blogging, specific modules during my Equine degree or completing a Masters. 


After completing my BSc in Equine Management, I decided to embark on my career as a journalist. This eventually led to a few content focused internships with different companies and finally to my deciding to complete a Masters degree in Multimedia Journalism. 

During my year studying at the University of Westminster, I fell in love with magazine design. I became obsessed with using InDesign and tried to use it in every piece of coursework I handed in. During my second semester, the opportunity to take a magazine production module arose and I jumped at the chance to become Editor for the project. I spent countless hours designing and redesigning my concept for the magazine in my free time and even bankrupted my poor student bank account buying myself the entire Adobe Creative Suite. I taught myself to use Photoshop and Illustrator and explore my skills with InDesign and even became Adobe certified in the program. At the end of the project, I received an 81% grade for the design of the 'Wild' magazine, the highest first I had ever gotten in my academic career! 

My Masters degree also enabled me to hone my content writing skills and start thinking of myself as a real life journalist. I spent many hours writing about different subjects (of which I mostly knew nothing about previously) and found that film, travel and lifestyle topics were my most adored. 

Whilst studying at Westminster I also kept my part time job as a Team Member for Cineworld. My love of film inspired me to seek work with the cinema chain and upon graduating I relied on the job as a steady source of income. In October 2016, I decided to pack up my bags, move to London and transfer cinemas in the hope of finding myself a journalism job in the big city. After moving to Cineworld Bromley, I was promoted to Duty Manager. Whilst it is not the journalism job that I hoped for, being in charge of social media and HR I have found that link to my desired profession...